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Whisper in the Wind

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There is a field in Glen Williams overlooking the village. I have spent many hours there, contemplating life while I collected spear points that were left behind by early native inhabitants. I often thought of the spirits of the people who lived there, and their legacy that will soon be lost to development.


Don Ablett

They’d been there 10,000 years, no footprints in the sand
A legacy of times gone by through spearpoints on the land
Their voices speak out every day, to those who choose to hear
The whisper in the wind is there, spirits, loud and clear


Whisper in the wind, it calls you out by name
Whisper in the wind, you’ll never be the same
Whisper in the wind, a voice so soft and true
Whisper in the wind, will always call to you

Taking only what they needed, they lived upon the land
Watching over Nature’s bounty, they held her by the hand
The ground so lightly covered, by years of soft neglect
Will soon be blackened pavement, no trace of ancients left.


Our future lies within the past, lessons learned are clear
Walk gently in their footsteps, now. Have nothing more to fear
Memories may fade away. Spirits lie within
We will go and leave behind our whispers in the wind